Dmitry Gerastovsky

The director of the department of warehouse and industrial real estate of S.A. Ricci

 Dmitry has graduated from Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics. He speaks fluent English and Spanish.

Dmitry has been working in the industrial market for more than 12 years. He started his career at Jones Lang LaSalle, then he joined the team of the industrial department of Knight Frank, where he became the co-director of the industrial department. Dmitry made a substantial contribution to make Knight Frank company the leader of the industrial segment. Dmitry Gerastovsky is the creator of the modern system of warehouse classification.

Before he joined S.A. Ricci company Dmitry worked in GC "Espro" where he had the opportunity to learn the real estate development business from the inside and get valuable knowledge and experience. Dmitry managed such projects as "Kulon-Pulkovo" (in St. Petersburg), Industrial Park "Vostochniy" (Noginsk), office and warehouse complex "8 Marta", he also brought customers to Built-to-Suit projects. During his career in commercial real estate Dmitry participated in making transactions totaling more than 1 million sqm in Moscow, 150 sqm in St. Petersburg, and 50 sqm in other regions.

Dmitry participated in signing and developing agreements with developers with total amount of about 2.5 millions sqm. Dmitry Gerastovsky’s clients are large multinational and local companies and corporations, such as Caterpillar inc., Volvo, Otis, Tablogix, FM Logistic , Auchan, NLC, Mitsui, Mobis, Nestle, PNK, MLP, Raven Russia and others.

Under the direction of Dmitry Gerastovsky, the industrial department team of S.A. Ricci entered the TOP-3 leading consultants in the industrial real estate segment.