Dmitry Zhidkov

The director of the office real estate department of S.A. Ricci

He has an experience in commercial real estate segment for more than 10 years. Previously he was engaged in market research, advertising and public relations.

Dmitry began his career in real estate segment in Swiss Realty Group. He has been working for S.A. Ricci since June, 2006. He has the unique experience of realization of a number of major projects of new construction and redevelopment projects of industrial zones for office projects. He attracted such clients as: "Rosenergoatom" (20,000 sqm), "Ediny centr obrabotki documentov" (12,000 sqm), "Ren TV" (10,000 sqm), Synterra (6,000 sqm), "Svyazintek" (4,000 sqm), "Okay" (3,500 sqm), EMCG (3,000 sqm), "Leroy Merlen" (3,000sqm). In the context of the promotion and implementation of the projects he is responsible for the maintenance of design, organization of advertising campaigns, marketing, direct sales and project presentations, negotiations with potential clients of the project, deal structuring up to the signing of the lease contract.

Since 2014 he has headed the department of work with the owners of commercial real estate. In recent years, he has concentrated on work with the key office projects, such as "G10" (230,000 sqm), BP "Otradny" (30,000 sqm), "Light Tower" (15,000 sqm). He participated in attracting such tenants as: IBS Group (36,000 sqm), "Evrasia Logistic" (13,000 sqm), "High Floor Propertes" (10,000 sqm) to the project "Nordstar Tower" (2006-2008), "Unilever" (9,300 sqm), "Philips" (6,000 sqm), "Mars" (2,800 sqm) to the project "Marr Plaza" (2008-2010), "Sportmaster" (12,000 sqm), "OBI" (5,500 sqm) to the project "Battleship" (2011), "Merlion" (16,000 sqm) to the project "Myakinino" (2012), "R-Style", "Ostrovok", "Sapato", "Red Development" to the project "Loft Center" (2013), the clinic "Semeny Doctor" (6,500 sqm) to BC "Bakunin" (2014).