Pavel Anisimov

The deputy director of the retail real estate department of S.A. Ricci

He has graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute, the faculty of economics.

He has been working for S.A. Ricci company since July, 2007.

He works with the promotion and marketing of projects representing the owners, concept development, design support. Pavel Anisimov took part in designing and developing the concept of the shopping center "Grenada", SEC "Viva", shopping center "Crystal", commercial and service infrastructure of MFC "Bolshoy City" and MFC "Slava" (all of them - Moscow), SEC "Omega Plaza" (Novosibirsk), the SEC "Vershina" (Surgut), commercial and service infrastructure of MFC "Oblaka" (Perm).

He has the experience of working with leading retail operators: "Okay", "Magnit", "Ashan", "Azbuka Vkusa", "Spar", "Leroy Merlin", "OBI", "Castorama", "Metro Group", "Eldorado", "Technosila", "Detsky  mir", "Kids", "Korablik", "Sportmaster", "Adidas", "Inditex", "New Yorker", "Melon Fashion Group", "Lego", "Pandora", "Euroset", "Stockmann " and others.