2018 Moscow Office market review

Following the results of 2018, the new supply has reached 128,000 sqm being minimum over the recent 5 years.

Following the results of 2018, the volume of new deals in the office market amounted to 768,000 sqm being 13% below the 2017 figure when the volume of deals totaled of 890,000 sqm.

Q3 2018 Moscow, Office Market

The low supply of new office property has been observed in the market for several years, however, this fact is the consequence of the economic crisis.

The volume of deals gradually decreases and is 6% below last year index for 9 months.

Office market report 1H 2018
Q1 2018 Moscow, Office Market

During the first 3 months of 2018 there was no high quality office building of А and B+ class supplied which is a unique case for the last 10 years.

It is noteworthy that in the Q1 2018, the scope of deals was 70% (more than 100,000 sqm) represented by tenants/customers of the 4 economic sectors: Finance, IT, Retail and Wholesale, Primary sector.

2017 Moscow Industrial market review

Developer speculative activity is declining, whereas the demand keeps growing. In 2017, the demand outran in more than 3 times the new supply. The demand is defined by interest to BTS. In 2018, we expect the demand remain high (over 1 m of sqm).

2017 Moscow Office market review

During the last 2 years, the market is experiencing a demand of high intensity at the level of 900,000 sqm annually. Over the past 2 years, 40% of office areas built in the Moscow International Business Centre (MIBC) were acquired and leased. As for the territorial structure of demand, the Third Ring Road zone (TRR) traditionally dominates (over 45%).

Q3 2017 Moscow, Office Market

In Q3 2017, the demand was 18% less compared to y-o-y, however, the demand was 4 times higher than the new supply (with 230,000 sqm of demand and 62,000 sqm of new supply).

Industrial market report 3Q 2017

In Q3 2017, developer activity in the warehouse facilities market was extremely low. Thus, new warehouse facilities commissioned amounted to 138,000 sqm, which is by 58% less if compared to the same period of the last year (325,000 sqm).

Office market report_1H 2017

Developer activity is on the wane – commissioning of new premises has been declining since 2015, but the pace is slowing down. We are expecting the release of several major projects by the end of 2017, which may turn the current tide.

H1 2017 Moscow, Industrial market

Крайне низкая строительная активность – девелоперы стараются минимизировать риски и строить объекты под конечного пользователя, не начинают новых проектов.

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