Your Career at S. A. Ricci
If you ask any S. A. Ricci employee what it is about the firm that makes it stand out from its competitors the response will be unequivocal … the culture and the people.
This is because we understand that the employees are quite simply our most prized asset and to that end we pride ourselves in creating and maintaining a work ethic and a culture that is envied and admired.
The culture
The culture of the firm can be defined as warm, friendly, adaptable, dynamic, approachable and sociable. Of course every employee works hard to meet the demands of a growing and diverse business, but many of our employees frequently participate in the firm’s strong and friendly social life, and become extensively involved in both sporting and cultural activities.
Indeed ‘fellowship’ is one of the core values of the firm allowing employees to enjoy what they do through a positive and supportive working environment.
Training and Development
The firm places great emphasis on the provision of the opportunities, facilities and financial assistance to ensure that all employees are in possession of the knowledge, skills and experience which are necessary to perform their jobs to the highest possible standards. In conjunction with this, the firm is committed to enabling and empowering employees to develop their careers to their full potential and all training and career development will be planned to remain consistent with the business goals and objectives of the firm.
Appropriate training and development opportunities will be planned for and made available to employees at all levels within the firm.
The rewards
As well as offering exceptional training and development opportunities for all employees at all levels, we also provide an excellent reward programme and merit based career progression to ensure that our people are well recognised for both their individual and team contribution.