Contact Information
Savvinsky B. per., 2, p. 9
119435 Moscow, Russian Federation

Commercial property

+7 (495) 790-71-71

Elite and industrial real estate

+7 (495) 540-50-50
From the metro station "Kievskaya Arbat-Pokrovskaya»

— Out of the last carriage in the direction of the center, after - left at the transition;

— Right after the exit of the subway will Kievsky railway station, passes right before turning right towards the pedestrian bridge Bogdan Khmelnitsky;

— Within 10 meters to the exit from the bridge go down the stairs leading down to the waterfront;

— Pass 400 meters along the promenade to the traffic lights, cross the road towards the 2nd lane Truzhennikovomu;

—After the first turn to the right, across a pedestrian crossing, walk out on Big Savvinsky lane and after 150 meters will find yourself near the building of SA Ricci
For the entrance to the office is required to pre-book a pass from the secretary on the phone +7 (495) 790-71-71 or +7 (495) 540-50-50.

Close instructions
  • Alexey Bogdanov
    The managing partner of S.A. Ricci
  • Vladimir Avdeev
    The chairman of S.A. Ricci board of directors
  • Pavel Yanshevsky
    The director of business development S.A. Ricci, a partner, a member of the board of directors
  • Sergey Egorov
    The partner, the director of residential real estate department of S.A. Ricci
  • Dmitry Zhidkov
    The director of the office real estate department of S.A. Ricci
  • Dmitry Gerastovsky
    The director of the department of warehouse and industrial real estate of S.A. Ricci
  • Pavel Anisimov
    The deputy director of the retail real estate department of S.A. Ricci