Our experience

S.A. Ricci company is one of the best teams in the market of consulting on commercial and residential elite real estate in Russia. By working both on the territory of Moscow and the largest cities of Russia, employees of the company possess a unique experience in the realization of the most large-scale and impressive projects.

According to the sales volumes, we confidently enter in TOP-3 of consultants for office, industrial and warehouse real estate.

For many years we have been and remain the consultants of the largest deals on the market:

  • 2007. The largest lease transaction in the history of the Moscow commercial real estate at the moment of conclusion of - the transaction lease of the IBS Group company 36,500 sqm in the skyscraper NordStar Tower  – conducted by S.A. Ricci;
  • 2008. The landmark deal - the transaction lease of the company Yandex 19,000 sqm in BC Krasnaya Roza - conducted by S.A. Ricci;
  • 2009. The largest deal of the crisis, 2009 - a transaction lease of Unilever company 9,500 sqm in the BC Marr Plaza – conducted by S.A. Ricci;
  • 2010. S.A. Ricci concluded the largest transaction of purchase and sale of office building in Moscow in 2010 with the participation of the consultant - the acquisition of an investment fund BC Marr Plaza with the area of 35,000 sqm
  • 2011. Large sale transactions of warehouses class A (25 000 sqm, 13 200 sqm in "PNK-Vnukovo") - conducted by S.A. Ricci;
  • 2012. One of the biggest office deals of the year: the transaction lease of 17,000 sqm in BC "Myakinino" - conducted by S.A. Ricci;
  • 2013. The largest deal of the year of leasing of office with the participation of the consultant – the transaction lease of MMC "Norilsk Nickel" 14 000 sqm (from 21 to 26 floors) in "Mercury City" - conducted by S.A. Ricci;
  • 2014. One of the largest office lease transactions – the lease of REN TV 10 300 sqm Vladimir Ilych Electromechanical Factory – conducted by S.A. Ricci;
  • 2014. A number of large transactions in the industrial market (the transaction lease of ED-Logistic 20 thousand sqm in the warehouse "Sovremennye sklaskie tahnologii", the transaction lease of FC "Pulse" 18.5 thousand sqm in the warehouse "Fora-Farm", the transaction lease of Grand Toys 20 thousand sqm in the warehouse "M. Rodniki") – conducted by S.A. Ricci.

Our company participated in concept development, marketing, sales and rental sale of such landmark projects as NordStar Tower (142,000 sqm), Krasnaya Roza (180,000 sqm), Danilovskaya Manufaktura (106,000 sqm), Marr Plaza (35,000 sqm), Time Center (6,000 sqm), SC Vershina (Surgut, the architect Eric van Egeraat), SC Viva (Moscow), warehouse complex Springs Park (moscow region) and many others.

The specialists of the department of industrial and warehouse real estate S.A. Ricci exclusively developed and implemented a warehouse complex Springs Park(several types of storage, including freezers), by organizing its own facility management company.

The consultants of our company repeatedly implemented large-scale projects of redevelopment of industrial areas and the complex development of areas with the participation of architects of the appropriate qualification: the concept of redevelopment of the territory of the MELZ (17 Hectares, 450,000 sqm of existing premises) (Moscow), Rostsel`mash (Rostov-na-Donu), Pechyorskiye Peski (200,000 sqm residential and commercial premises) (Nizhniy Novgorod).

Created in 2012, the department of residential real estate S.A. Ricci made the company a leader in the residential real estate market in the segments of apartments and loft apartments. Today S.A. Ricci owns the largest portfolio of apartments’ projects in the market, a large part of these projects consists of apartments in the business area "Moscow City". We successfully implement projects "Shtab Kvartira na Mosfilmovskoy", MFC «Park Mira», «Tivoli», «Berzarina 12», «Loft Post», «Petrovsky Apart House», «Loft Garden», «Kadashevskie Palaty", etc. In 2013 ApartVille Fitness & Spa Resort enlarged exclusive projects’ portfolio of the company, in 2014. – Atlantic Apartments. S.A. Ricci participated in bringing to the market the project MFC «Park Mira» and ranked first in terms of sales value in the project. S.A. Ricci is the only consultant in the real estate market, which works with 100% of supply of apartments and loft-style housing.