Strategic planning of development (creation of a "roadmap")

Efficient activities of a large number of companies in Russia is directly related to the real estate market (rent and purchase of space or land, etc.). S.A. Ricci consultants have all the necessary information and experience to provide professional advice on the development strategy both within the specific regions and throughout the country.

This service can be useful for a large number of companies, such as:

Business plan of the project development

Thanks to the presence of experts of various profiles in S.A. Ricci company, we can correctly make all sections of the business plan: the description of the development’s product, the description and analysis of the market, the detection of competition, marketing strategy of the project’s promotion, the plan of operating activities, the financial plan, the calculation of necessary human resources, the conditions of exit from the project.

Express analysis of a land or a property

In many cases a developer or an investor doesn’t need to conduct the full Highest & Best Use Analysis of a land or a property. Due to their own prepared databases, S.A. Ricci team of consultants can carry out the express analysis of a land as soon as possible and identify the most perspective real estate segments that can be built on it.

Highest & Best Use Analysis

Highest & Best Use Analysis is the detection and justification of the best property use, ensuring the maximum efficiency. As a rule it consists of the following stages:

Analysis of project’s economic feasibility

To evaluate the economic feasibility of the project the specialists of S. A. Ricci company will carry out the investment analysis of the project: evaluate the cost and implementation period of the project (quarterly schedule), the forecast of unearned revenues, the expenses of the object’s operation, calculate the necessity of equity and determine the recommended financing structure of the project.

Concept development of technical project for an architec

S.A. Ricci consultants develop the project concept based on the data obtained from the research of the land’s potential and determine the portrait of a potential buyer/tenant.

Real Estate Reconception

In the conditions of the rapidly changing market real estate objects often become out-of-date and lose their attractiveness.

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